USHEC project decided

USHEC Project Handover

Upper Solukhumbu Hydro Electric project has been given to ICTC.

In the year 2009, as an immediate measure to address the impending energy crisis, Government of Nepal through Department of Electricity Development (DoED) forwarded eight projects (varying in capacity from 5 MW to 40 MW) studied by the Government (DoED) including Solu HEP for development by private developers (domestic and international) through a competitive bidding process. After meeting all technical and financial requirements of the bidding process and after bidding the highest amount (NPR 66 million), the joint venture of ICTC Group and Blue Energy secured the license for the development of this project in April 2010 and hence Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company (USHEC) was formed. 

USHEC started construction of the project in February 2015 and completed it in December 2019. Power generation from the project was started and evacuated to Grid from the month of March 2020.

A new Hydropower Project in Nepal

New Hydropower Project Announced

Solu Hydropower Project Hydropower Station (Nepali: सोलु जलविद्युत आयोजना) is a run-of-river hydro-electric plant located in Solukhumbu District of Nepal. The flow from Solu River is used to generate 23.5 MW of electricity.

The plant is owned and developed by Upper Solu Hydroelectric Company Pvt Ltd, an IPP of Nepal. The plant started generating electricity from 2076 to 2012-10BS. The generation license will expire in 2105-12-03 BS, after which the plant will be handed over to the government.  The power station is connected to the national grid and the electricity is sold to Nepal Electricity Authority. The transmission line was delayed causing the water of energy in its initial years.